At My Normative we’re bridging the data gap by creating technology that both better serves female-identifying people and helps create the very data sets needed to push innovation forward on female health. 

Centering data privacy and security in the app is the key tenet to honouring and respecting both our users as well as meeting the ethical standards we see as the future of health tech.

So, what makes the My Normative App different?

My Wave

The My Normative Wave is a visual representation of the hormonal fluctuations that occur in a person who menstruates. Every time a new hormonal phase is entered the colours in the wave shift to provide a visual clue that health and lifestyle experiences may shift as well. Each new activity or experience is added to the My Normative App, it will be shown within the context of the wave. 

As we grow, the My Normative Wave will become more diverse and representative of life events and stages beyond that of menstruation and associated health behaviours to be inclusive of events such as: Pregnancy, Post-partum, Perimenopause, Prepubescence, etc.

My Inputs

There are several different ways to add information to the My Normative App to make it representative and personalized. 

First, there’s the onboarding process. Providing accurate demographic information will help the app tailor information to how it assesses hormonal variability. 

Second, on the home page (The Normative Wave) there are daily general health questions at the top to help assess health experiences across the cycle. 

Third, workout and activity syncing. My Normative will bridge with Apple Health to pull any workout information that gets synced and stored on the phone from health tracking hardwares (ex. a watch). No activity tracking hardware? No big deal, workouts can always be entered manually. 

Fourth, symptom and cycle event tracking can be done from the home page of the app ad hoc as they are experienced.

My Results

The My Normative app provides a combination of general and personalized insights.

The general insights provide users with information about what might be experienced across the cycle. These insights are generated from our research partnerships and cutting edge research so that users always have the best, scientifically validated, insights at hand. 

As the depth of collected insights grows, so too does the app’s ability to provide personalized and representative insights. These personalized insights cover not just hormonal health topics but also: activity levels, sports performance, hormonal symptoms, mental health, and sleep quality. 

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