Are you here after the IBM conference? Great! Cause we got up super early to make sure we released this blog post right-on-time for you.


Here’s the crash course on My Normative Inc.:

  • We’re founded by two woman scientists
  • They probably drink too much coffee
  • The MYNORMATIVE software is going to change how womxn are represented… not just in health trackers… but in modern western medicine. Yeah, we know, it’s a big deal.
  • And finally, because we’re chronically pessimistic people, we’re SUPER passionate about going above and beyond with data security—especially for vulnerable people. This passion for excellence in data security drove our application to (and acceptance to) the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program!  

We are excited to participate in this program to further enact our vision, where women's health and wellbeing are a priority, not an after-thought.

But, you already knew that. And if not, welcome to the new normal.

Welcome to My Normative Inc.

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