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Congratulations to My Normative Run Club who raced and/or walked the Banff Marathon Event in September!


The My Normative Run Club is closed for Winter (we’re based in snowy YYC). But we’ll be back next year!

Always wanted to take up running but want an accountability buddy, professional fitness guidance, or just an event to work toward? 

Sign up for next year’s run club and we’ll help make sure you don’t go it alone.

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From the iconic Science, Feminism, and Love sweater to the classic Canadian toque embroidered with the Normative wave, we’ve got you covered for cozy.

*Only avalible while supplies last
*Shipping is limited to Canada only


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Radical Transparency matters to My Normative. My Normative was founded by two feminist researchers whose ethics data security values were formed around the professional standards demanded of them as health researchers. Our founders carry these standards into every business practice and ensure our organization’s actions…

The menstrual cycle: more than just your period.

Hormones are the chemical messengers that help our body communicate and regulate our body’s processes – hunger, sleep, blood pressure etc. Science is very aware of how most of these hormones function and impact the human body. Take adrenaline, for example. It’s not always present,…