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Annoucing the My Normative Run Club!
Join us as we prepare for the Banff Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K on September 12, 2021.


The My Normative Run Club

Missing your accountability buddy or just looking for your next summer fitness goal?

Whether you are planning to sign up for the Half Marathon or 10K in Banff AB, or running/walking  the events virtually on September 12th - the My Normative Run Club is here to make sure you don’t go it alone.   

1. Sign-up:

Sign-up to be a part of the community for exclusive offers, training content, and the ultimate group of running buddies to check-in with at our virtual meetups every Sunday at 10:00 am MST for a “group” run starting June 6, 2021.

2. Get Social:

Follow our training program or bring your own and connect with the community by sharing your training updates. Tag us in your posts and use the hashtag  #mynormativerun.

We’ll be here to celebrate your successes, normalize those not so successful days, and find answers to those burning questions.

3. Tailor you training to your normal:

Use the My Normative App to track your progress and understand how shifts in your hormones may impact your training experience. Get access to Run Club exclusive monthly webinars with health and fitness experts from across Canada as we take your My Normative App insights to the next level.   

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