The number one cited reason for the lack of representative data on female health is “it’s too complicated."

Let’s make it easy to include everyone.

The identifed impact of sex and gender on health determinates, behaviours and, outcomes are widespread.

Check out some examples below.

And in spite of widespread calls to action across key stakeholders in the health community like the NIH, the UN, the WHO, and so many others,  the ability to realistically affect change has, until now, remained unaddressed. 
So, mind the gap. 
And be a part of the movement. 

At My Normative, we’re working hard to make sure everyone is represented by the technologies they use for daily living.

Scientific advancement is at the core of our mission.

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(Novel Ovulation Research and Recruitment Method: an App study)


Experiences of the menstrual cycle in the pursuit of health and wellness.

Young girl yoga trainer conducts a lesson with a group of students

Hormone Variability in High Performance Athletes