85% of female persons do not have the standard 28 day “normal” hormonal cycle.

As we enter into an era of precision medicine knowing your hormonal health is paramount to knowing your personal health.


The Problem

Sex and gender are often ‘controlled’ for and conflated in global health research, which forces the relationship between the predictor and outcome of interest to be the same across sex (ie, males, females and intersex) or gender (ie, men, women and gender minorities).

There are many examples where controlling for sex, gender or both has led to incorrect findings that were detrimental to equitably improving global health.

The justification for the controlling for sex and gender is due to our lack of research and progress on the ways by which hormonal variation through time impacts people… especially in the female population.

Our Solution

So we are doing something about it. We have gathered a team of scientists and formed a social movement of women standing up for representation and inclusion through technical innovation.

My Normative leverages a proprietary health and wellness app that empowers females to track their health in a meaningful way. By using this app for data collection we’re able to create a proprietary data set to train our machine learning and artificial intelligence in a way that meets ethical and medical data collection standards. As a result, My Normative is able to provide data sets, filters, and tools for other innovators to more easily incorporate female persons into clinical and medical trials.

Ours is the story of a new normal; a paradigm shift.


Our Projects


Novel Ovulation Research Method: an App study (NORMA study)

Young girl yoga trainer conducts a lesson with a group of students

Hormone Variability in High Performance Athletes


My Normative Run Club

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