We asked her: Why the startup life? Everything is on fire, and you’re probably putting in double the amount of work hours. What makes the work worth doing?

Nina’s never been one to take the safe route, the low-risk bet, the easy way. When the opportunity at My Normative came, she saw the vision of the company and knew she had to get behind it. It’s a higher risk than the steady 9-5 corporate job but the reward is to work for a company making a huge impact. 

During her first interview, Danika told Nina “If My Normative ceased to exist as a company, we would have left an impact”. This impact is what makes it worthwhile. Nina says “What we do at My Normative is meaningful, and it’s legit. We didn’t have to tackle women’s representation in medicine and health across the world. But here we are. We say what we’re gonna do, and we act on it.” It’s easy to work hard at something you care about!

How do you balance life and work? “I don't,” She says. “I don’t ever want to feel like I have to separate work life from social life. I want to feel like I have a job that allows me to have a social life at the same time. I’m happy to work on a Saturday if it means I get to work with Danika and Renee or other work partners. I"m happy go for a walk (maybe a run? 😉 ) while talking business. It doesn’t need to be split up. It can all be one mix of life, work, social life, exercise, etc. I like to be able to surround myself with people who care about what I do. Whether it's friends, co-workers, life partners, etc..Working for a company you can do this with is so important.”

The takeaway? “In a world where we constantly have to ask, “What the hell is next?”, it’s important to find an organization or a hobby, that makes an impact not just in your life but in other people’s lives. There’s so much uncertainty. What’s valuable is to find something you’re good at – something you love to do and then incorporate it into all aspects of life. That’s my best advice for a recent grad or really anyone, at any age. Find your passion and make it work for your lifestyle!”

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