Disrupting female erasure in modern Western health science.

Because if you aren't male, you shouldn't be measured as male.

Female erasure is 'the obliteration of female specific data, recorded materials, and history.'

We live in an era of female erasure.

Feminism in science

What My Normative is

My Normative is a preclinical biotech company creating a series of algorithms, filters, tools and data sets that will help clinicians and health innovators better serve women and people who menstruate without the need for invasive (and expensive) testing or medical interventions.

Our proprietary app helps users interpret their health and wellness outcomes from a female informed lens.


Feminism in action

What My Normative is aiming to do

Women and people who menstruate have unique health experiences not captured in current health tracking technologies.

Because, as it turns out, when the male template is used to measure female health—menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause can't exist.

My Normative changes that.

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