How We Help

Our customizable platform makes it possible to scale your research impact, lead the industry in sex and gender practices and enhance your reputation while building trust amongst the populations you serve.

Scale Your Research


Scale Impact & Optimize Costs

Account for sex and gender variability in the data collection and management process (eg. hormonal state identification, life stage, gender identity)

Reduced overhead and logistical demand per participant 

Reduce time from Bench to Bedside

Decentralize Research

Facilitate data collection across multi-site and international collaborations

Enable sample sizes 30x bigger than average hormonally tested sample size


Recruit & Retain Participants

Low participant burden with use of mobile app to collect data and analytical process for hormonal identification 

Patient-centered data collection drives 20% improvement in retention

Facilitate Industry Best Practice

Meet Regulatory & Privacy Requirements


Equity by Design: ensure modern standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion are met with My Normative’s Equity by Design approach to data collection and analysis

Privacy by Design: ensure data privacy and security standards are met and exceeded through My Normative’s approach to privacy by design which protects and prioritizes the de identification of participant data.

Leverage Validated Analytical Processes & Frameworks


Deploys clinically validated data collection and analysis frameworks

Capture Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS), Real-time, and Real World Evidence (RWE) data 

Complete stream or batch analysis to help identify and predict patient experiences

Enhance Reputation & Build Trust

Publish to Intended Audiences

Publish your findings in plain language summaries to interested parties

Empower participants with built in Health Literacy

Entrench Health Literacy and Knowledge Translation in the design of your research

Create meaningful impact metrics and give back to your participants