User Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use the My Normative App on?

The My Normative App is available for download on iPhones through the App Store.

*As iPad does not currently support Apple HealthKit, the My Normative App is not currently available on these devices.

Can I sync my information from my watch or other apps?

Absolutely, the My Normative App syncs with Apple Health to put all your info in one place. Simply provide permissions to auto sync all the items you want to see in your My Normative app during sign-up or update these permission at any time.

*External apps and hardwares not supported by Apple Health are not available for syncing at this time.

I don’t have a menstrual cycle, can I still use the app?

Yes! We are dedicated to creating a space where everyone, no matter their sex, gender, or stage of life has access to health insights and tracking features that anyone can use. However, specific insights are not currently available for users without a menstrual cycle

What is the difference between the free version and My Normative premium?

From understanding late night cravings to finding success during that last killer workout, we know our hormones play a role in all aspects of our health and wellness.

With My Normative premium users unlock access to their own personal health insights about how their sleep, activity, mood and more interact with their different hormonal cycle, all without the interruption of ads of course!

Who is premium for? Currently, menstruating My Normative users benefit the most from access to key insights on what they could expect to experience (and why) in different hormonal states as well as their very own Normative Wave to visually represent their current hormonal state.

I am having trouble with the app. Is there a support team I can contact?

Of course, please contact us at for assistance. Research participants should contact their study coordinator directly.

What is a life stage?

Our health and wellness needs and goals change throughout our lifetimes - but your tracking app shouldn’t have to. That is why with My Normative you can specify what stage of life you're in right now and change it when needed.

My Normative enables users to select from the following five life stages: Has a Menstrual Cycle (regular, irregular or phantom), Pregnant, Post-partum, Perimenopausal, Does Not have a Menstrual Cycle.

What’s the difference between a regular and irregular cycle length?

What does that even mean? Well here’s a quick guide:

If your cycle is generally between 21 and 36 days (aka from one period to the next) and is even somewhat consistent, select “No” for the question “Is your cycle variable in length?” If your cycle is often less than 21 days, more than 36 days or, flip flop back and forth between long and short enough to give you whiplash, go ahead and answer “Yes” for the “Is your cycle variable in length?” question.

Why does the app ask me about my sex and gender?

We collect both sex (female, male, intersex) and gender (cisgender, non-binary, gender fluid, trans-gender) information during sign-up in order to better represent your realities and provide tailored insights to you, since both your sex and gender can impact your health characteristics, behaviours and, outcomes.

Want to find out more about how sex and gender can impact your health? Check out The Science section of our website.

Not sure which option best represents your gender, here is a quick guild:

Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity generally matches the gender assigned in relation to their physically presented sex at birth (i.e. Woman/Female or Man/Male)

Nonbinary and/or Genderqueer is a term that represents people whose gender identity and/or gender expression falls outside the binary categories of man and woman. They may define their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, or they may define it as wholly different from these terms.

Gender fluid refers to a person whose gender expression or gender identity (or both) change over time.

Transgender is a term for people whose gender identity does not match the gender assigned in relation to their physical sex at birth.

What if I don’t remember when my last period was?

We’ve got an option for that! Select the “Don’t Remember” button under the When did your last period start? question during sign-up to start using the app right away.

*Please note that you won’t see your colourful Normative Wave until you’ve added your next period event to the app.

Why does the background of my app change colours?

Did you know that what you’re seeing when you open the app is called the Normative Wave? Everytime you enter a new phase of your menstrual cycle the background of your home page will change colours as a visual cue that you might start experiencing new cycle symptoms, changes in your sleep, or even shifts in your workouts.

Why is my background only blue? Am I supposed to be seeing colour changes?

The top three reasons that you’re background is only blue are:

1. Your profile is set up for the pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopausal, or does not have a menstrual cycle life stages. You can check what life stage is listed in your profile.

2. You reported having a variable cycle length during sign-up, currently we can not identify the different menstrual cycle phase within this option.

3. No period information has been entered yet, add a period event to start your wave.

What is a phantom period?

Wait, what type of period!?

For those periods that are all symptoms and no blood (whether naturally occurring or due to birth control) we have “phantom periods” - cause starting a new hormonal cycle isn’t always about the blood.

How do I get involved in a research study?

My Normative is partnering with researchers and innovators around the world, check out our Community page and follow us on social media for the latest information.

I’m already enrolled in a study, how do I add my Research ID in the app?

You can enter your Research ID by:

1. Opening your settings options within your Profile (top right corner)

2. Select Research Participant

3. Select the Research Group from the drop down menu

4. Add the Participant Number assigned by your study coordinator

5. Select Ok

6. Review and confirm the listed information is correct

I entered the wrong Research ID, how do I change it?

If there is a mistake in the Study Group or Research ID information, please contact your study coordinator directly.

Can I keep using my same profile in the app after my research project is done?

Absolutely! Once you’ve completed your participation in a study, the research team no longer has permissions to use My Normative for data collection. The study end date listed in your Research Participation section of your profile represents the last possible date a research study could request data collection to.