This story is so much bigger than 'our story.'

When our CSO, Dr. Doyle-Baker, went to propose a Master's project to her advisor, focused on studying female rowers, they proceeded to respond, "oh, no, you can't study them—they menstruate."


This is the story of the systemic oppression of women and female persons.

The number one reason medical devices or pharmaceutical interventions get pulled from the market is due to those innovations failing when used on women. This is a result of the challenges surrounding the inclusion of women in clinical trials. The most cited justification for the exclusion of women from trials is hormonal variation and it's impacts on the predictability of clinical outcomes.

So we are doing something about it. We have gathered a team of scientists and formed a social movement of women standing up for representation and inclusion.

This is the story of a new normal; a paradigm shift.

Our platform

Through the My Normative app, we collect a structured and inclusive data set on women's health and outcomes. This proprietary resource will drive the success of our ability to identify the users' menstrual cycle phases and the subsequent hormonal outcomes related to their psychological states. As a result, My Normative will be able to provide data sets, filters, and tools for other innovators to more easily incorporate women into clinical and medical trials.

Our software can help educate both clinicians and women on their unique normative states of reproductive health. My Normative will use tracking technologies and self-reporting to identify the underlying physiological shifts that are impacting hormonal variation.

We are working with industry leaders to disrupt the current male bias inherent in medical and commercial health tracking technologies.


Our Partners

We're working with industry leaders to efficiently, affordably and accurately represent women.


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