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In case you missed last week's Instagram live, or you are just like us, and prefer to read about exciting and interesting information, welcome to the blog. 

Grab a coffee and try to imagine us figuring out our first Instagram live session, as Danika’s dog tried to steal the show 😉

We had tons of great questions from our audience regarding the founder story, general insights, and of course beta testing. 

My Normative was started because it was the solution that we were looking for when we were athletes. Now, it's the solution we're looking for as women trying to stay active. Integrating female-specific metrics means your health-tracking software could answer questions like: “How does your menstrual cycle impact your performance? Your motivation? Your lactic acid creation? Your weight, etc.?”

As we currently track female health, none of this is taken into consideration. Instead, when you select “female” when setting up your apps and watches, it measures you as a small male.For better or for worse, these apps are made by and for men. With male problems, male measurements, and male testing in mind. There’s no malice in it, but women get left out.

Women’s hormones are considered “complicated and deviant”. This “deviance and complication” has never really been studied. It’s a vicious circle - things are going on that we don’t understand, so we don’t include them in science and research. Then, because we’ve never included them in science and research, we don’t understand them. They continue to be hard, deviant, complicated, and not understood. 

The My Normative mission is about breaking this cycle.

With the My Normative app launching on International Women's Day, March 8th, 2021!

We want to make sure your voice is heard. How? By joining the beta testing list, or the beta testing waitlist. 

You might be asking yourself, why am I on a waiting list?! Our best answer is, If, for example you’re a perimenopausal woman, we will place you on the waiting list because we aren’t equipped to address your needs yet. The research around it just isn’t there - it’s awful. So, to start tackling female erasure in western modern medicine, we’ll have you first designing the interfaces with us. Know that once we have the right technology for you to test, we will reach out and get you helping us with our app interventions!

We want to hit a medically unidentifiable population by December 31st! We need over 3,000 women beta testers. So Grab your friends, sisters, mothers, and any genetically diverse woman you know. Send this to them and be a part of our movement. 

Click here to add your name to our waitlist

Science, Love, and Feminism!