Radical Transparency matters to My Normative.

My Normative was founded by two feminist researchers whose ethics data security values were formed around the professional standards demanded of them as health researchers. Our founders carry these standards into every business practice and ensure our organization’s actions meet strict ethical guidelines. 

We value radical transparency at My Normative. We care about you. We care about your privacy. We will tell you when things change, why they’re changing, and how that could impact your data. 

Fitness tracking devices on the market today have the capacity to record highly sensitive personal information, such as the geo-locations of where you exercise, what time of day you exercise, and for how long. We understand that as a women your privacy hasn’t always been valued and trusting an app to hold this type of information can be terrifying. We want you to know that My Normative is committed to protecting this sensitive information. 

We believe the only one who should have access to your identifying data is you. We use Google Cloud technologies to ensure all data is properly encrypted and securely stored. The cloud containing user data and information is only used to enhance your app experience by providing you with your own personal data and insights. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t look at, touch, or have any contact with identifiable information. 

We have developed a separate cloud environment containing only de-identified information, for our app’s machine learning. De-identification processes occur before the data even gets to this cloud, so no individual’s data could ever be tracked back to them. 

We don’t ask for this information out of curiosity or profitability, but out of necessity. By providing us with your personal data, you are allowing us to provide more accurate predictive health results for you, the user and further our development in female health research.

Just by using the My Normative app, you are literally advancing science. And you are doing so at no risk to yourself. Your personal information is completely de-identified and cannot be sold to third parties. Period. (no pun intended).

Science, Feminism, and Love.