In a nutshell, it’s a validation process.

We saw an enormous problem - female erasure in modern medicine and decided to tackle it. Our focus is on health tracking software, to contextualize and integrate female-specific metrics. But how will we actually go about offering this solution to the people who need it? How can we show that yes, in fact, a smartphone app is the best way to deliver the solution? How will we know which features you care about? How will we measure if our designing process is on the right track?

We beta test! The beta testing phase of a product is the trial period in its final development stages. Beta testers are real users who uncover any bugs before the product goes to market.

At My Normative, we’ve recruited groups of women like you to test the preview version of our app and let us know what’s working and what isn’t. This feedback ensures we’re building something you actually find useful, something that actually addresses the root problem – your smart watch is measuring you as a small man because there’s quite literally no data in modern medicine for how to accurately track your period and menstrual cycle. So yeah, it’s kind of important.

Beta testing also makes sure our app’s machine learning gets to know our users. We need a diverse population of women to train the algorithms to avoid the incredibly vague “your period could start any time in the next two weeks” notification trackers currently offer (insert eye roll here). The more testers, the more accurate the algorithm! 

This may sound like a lot! But in reality, for each tester, it boils down to clicking around the My Normative app and answering a few questions every couple weeks. We care about your time!

So go ahead, join the beta before the end of the week! We have achieved our goal and will be closing the beta list this Friday, November 6th, for early adopters. We will start a waiting list for the application itself, which is coming soon! 

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